Aurora Energy

NISL is an Authorized Contractor under the Aurora Energy Customer Initiated Works system. As such we can receive and process your Electricity Connection  applications, Solar PV Distributed Generation and Network capacity changes, making connections to all ground based network equipment. If you want to make an application go to our Aurora Connection Page

Otherwise here are some Handy Aurora Energy Links:
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Aurora info pack  Customer-Pack

Powernet Lakeland Network Application Forms

In our Area’s Powernet are the people to talk to if you need to get Elecricity connected to Lakeland Networks and Otagonet Network they perform the network application and line mechanic functions. We will Inspect and Meter your Installation when you get Powernet’s services arranged.

Lakeland Network consists of the following areas we cover:

Kingston, Hanley’s Farm, Shotover Country and Bridesdale Farm in Queenstown.

Wooing Tree in Cromwell.

Northlake, Hikuwai and Clearview in Wanaka.

OtagoNet consist of the following areas we cover:

Oturehua, Ranfurly and Patearoa

Powernet connection forms

New Zealand Electrical Inspectors Association

New Zealand Electrical Inspectors Association


NZEIA is pleased to announce that we have completed a rigorous exercise working through the current Regulations and Standards to offer a simple and effective check system for the inspection of Consumer Mains and Earth Installations. The Test Sheet is accompanied by an Explanatory Guide which cross references specific Electrical Safety Regulations and/or parts of AS/NZS 3000 as they apply to each line item.

This is the first in a series of Test Sheets which will be issued to support the competency and consistency of electrical inspectors as they check for compliance. We believe that by using it, a fourth “C” will become apparent - C for Confidence.

Electricians are encouraged to use the Test Sheet too. As well as showing what the Electrical Inspector will be checking, it can be used as an attachment to CoC’s too